The Rules of the H.U.S.T.L.E.

Yet another night of matchless revelry and excellence for competitors and spectators alike! Bring nothing but your best. Wear whatever you want.

The night starts at 6:30p, November 16 at Velo Coffee Roasters, but your preparation starts now.



1. Recipes should be submitted to and no later than 4 pm November 14. 

2. Recipes should be original.

3. Boozeless/Boozeful minimum cold brew volumes: 1oz/.5oz.

3. Recipes submitted for the Boozeful Competition must use at least 1.25oz of one of the following base spirits:

4. Boozeless/Boozeful ingredient maximums: 4 ingredients/6 ingredients (excluding garnishes).

5. Recipes must be expressed in ounces, drops, or dashes.

6. Recipes must include a detailed description of any garnish.

7. Drinks will be judged according to creativity, economy, replicability, and taste. The creativity portion of the scoresheet includes the name of your drink, so write something snappy.

8. Any homemade ingredients should be accompanied by a detailed recipe.

9. Cold brew concentrates and listed base spirits will be provided for competitors' use the night of the competition.

  • Competitors should bring any and all modifiers and tools.

10. Boozeful recipes may use any modifiers they please. 

11. Competitors will prepare and present their drinks for each judge (3 judges = 3 drinks)

12. Winners of each class get their drinks served on bar, take home a wicked trophy, and get a special card entitling the holder to one Niterider Nitro at Velo Coffee Roasters every day for a year. There are runner-up prizes, too, but we'll keep those a secret.

13. For clarification or questions, email or