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Pedra Dourada | Luisburgo | Minas Gerais | Southeast Brazil


Pedra Dourada | Luisburgo | Minas Gerais | Southeast Brazil


12oz. (340g)


Farm: Sitio Pedra Dourada

Producer: Cristiano Arruda

Importer: Cafe Imports

Variety: Red Catuai

Harvest: November ‘17

Size: Less than 8 hectares

Elevation: 1100M

Milling: Natural proces

Drying: Dried on concrete patios

Finish Phase: First Crack


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Cristiano Arruda owns Sitio Pedra Dourada, a 20-hectare farm with 8 hectares planted with Catuai coffee plants, Red and Yellow, as well as some Catucai. The cherries are picked ripe by the Arruda family and dried on concrete patios for Natural process, the only coffee Sitio Pedra Dourada produces. Cristiano's grandfather oversees the raking of the coffee on the patios and his parents help in the field during the planting, harvest and processing time, truly making Sitio Pedra Dourada a family operation. "We love what we do, which is why we do it with passion," Cristiano says.

Careful attention is paid to the overall health of the farm, including the soil. Regular analysis of soil and leaf matter is done to determine the proper mixture of organomineral fertilizer to be applied to the plants.

We believe we’ve landed a gem in our first ever Brazil microlot.  Most of the Brazil coffee we carry throughout the year fulfills a rather specific flavor profile as the base for our perennial Boneshaker Espresso blend.  We are often looking for something nutty and creamy with a soft acidity that lays down a solid canvas on which to layer complex sweetness and acidity with the addition of two very different coffees. This coffee from Pedra Dourada is NOT that coffee- instead, it’s complex and fruit-forward with a winey acidity. This coffee shines as an exemplary candidate for our microlot tier.